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An Easy Solution to the Health Equation…

It’s a simple formula.  A better diet equals better health. Few doctors or nutritionists would disagree. 

But why is it so challenging to implement simple health steps when they’re almost guaranteed to result in looking better, feeling better, and having abundant energy to apply to life’s challenges?

Willpower alone isn't enough. You need a consistent support system to overcome ingrained negative habits.

That's my job.

With Dr. Lavine's Detox, I've made it easy for you. It will support you to take a giant step toward improving your diet and health.

Dr. Lavine's Detox is based on the latest scientific information about how your metabolism and digestive tract work -- and the ways they've been thrown out of whack by today's hurried, chemicalized society.

But it's more than that.

Scientific knowledge alone is insufficient to overcome the inertia of your stubborn eating patterns. The savvy design of the detox diet sidesteps the unconscious messages your brain and hormonal circuitry throw at you to prevent you from making a healthy shift.

Whatever your symptoms - low energy, negative mood, joint pain or muscle aches, bloating or indigestion, allergies, or that stubborn ten pounds you can't seem to lose - you can benefit from your 17 day experience with Dr. Lavine's Detox.

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For only $455, you'll receive the 24 page guide Dr. Lavine's Detox, which contains detailed instructions to implement the detox program. You'll also have shipped to you all the supplements you need. Plus, you'll have unlimited phone or e-mail contact with Dr. Lavine as he guides you through the program.

If for any reason you're not satisfied, a full refund is available within the first 30 days.  

Now's the time to improve the future of your health.

PS - Here are some of my qualifications to offer Dr. Lavine's Detox

  • More than 30 years' experience in clinical practice, emphasizing self-care and building healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Alternative health practitioner mentor for medical students at Albert Einstein Medical College
  • Author of more than 280 health articles published in Your Body of Knowledge
  • Taught courses in Neuroanatomy and Pathology for Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • Developed Dr. Lavine's Ten Step Program to Combat Chronic Illness, a diet and lifestyle modification regimen to improve the lives of those with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions
  • Author of Dr. Lavine's Top Five Exercises for Your Low Back and Dr. Lavine's Top Five Shoulder Exercises to Avoid Rotator Cuff Problems

  • Author of peer-reviewed journal article Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome published in Current Reviews of Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Consulted with outpatient clinic of Beth Israel Hospital in the creation of an alternative medical program for patients with HIV/AIDS
  • Trained practitioners in advanced movement and connective tissue treatment methods including CranioSacral Therapy, NeuroTactile Therapy, and Rehabilitative Exercise
  • Secretary and Board Member, New York Academy of Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Taught workshops in Stress Reduction and Geriatric Approaches in Chiropractic to medical students and residents at Albert Einstein Medical College

Not only am I a relentless medical researcher, more importantly I have first-hand knowledge in the trenches helping thousands of patients live healthier lives through nutrition.

Ronald Lavine, D.C.



Your Symptoms Six Top Diet Issues Prepare for Positive Change 3 Stages
of the Detox

Which of these is bothering you the most?

  • Low energy, negative mood
  • The extra ten pounds you can’t seem to lose
  • Joint pain and muscle aches
  • Bloating or indigestion after eating
  • Skin rash, asthma, or allergies
  • Headache
  • Getting sick too often
  • Menstrual cycle pain or irregularity
  • Lack of mental sharpness
  • High cholesterol or blood pressure 
  • High risk for cardiovascular disease or cancer
  • Loss of vitality as you age
  • No “willpower” to eat right and exercise regularly

Perhaps your problem isn’t even on this list.  After all, there are a lot of different ways that people are unhealthy. 

But all of these health conditions have something in common:   A poor diet makes each of these problems worse, and an improved diet could put a major dent in any of them. 

In truth, there’s no magic cure that fixes every problem for every person.  To attack any specific health complaint, a personalized, multi-pronged approach is needed.

But whatever the specifics of your problem, you can make a big commitment to better health by eating right.  In fact, in some situations, the benefits of optimal nutrition have proven to be far more significant than the effects of prescription drugs.  And without the harmful side-effects.

Instead of harmful side-effects, you’ll experience positive effects:

  • You’ll feel better and look better. 
  • You’ll have more energy to deal with life’s daily stresses. 
  • You might lose weight,
  • Whatever your age, both your brain and physical body will function better, and
  • If you measure some of the risk factors linked to chronic disease (such as your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc.) you might find that these have improved too.

You can take a major step forward toward better health – and I’m going to help you by making it easy.

Here’s how:

I’ve identified some of the key reasons your health could be out of balance.  Although these reasons are complicated, I’ve kept the solution as simple as possible. 

Disclaimer:  If you’re not a patient of mine, I haven’t evaluated or treated you or determined that the information I'm providing applies specifically to your situation.  The diet plan outlined is not a treatment for a particular condition.  I’m only providing information for general educational purposes that you can put into practice if it seems like it makes sense for you.  Always consult your personal practitioner if you have a specific question about a health condition.

The Six Ways Your Diet is Sabotaging Your Health

  1. Your body is over-saturated with the signaling molecules that promote inflammation  
  1. Your body is loaded with toxic chemicals, the by-products of our industrialized society
  1. You might not be able to digest, absorb, and utilize your food efficiently 
  1. You might have an overgrowth of the wrong mix of bacteria in your intestines
  1. Your intestinal lining might be irritated, allowing too many of the wrong molecules to pass into your blood stream 
  1. You can’t regulate your blood sugar evenly

Dr. Lavine’s Detox 2014 will give you the power to overcome these health challenges.  It’s designed to be an easy start on the road to a much, much healthier diet. 

You might think it’s hard to eat a good diet, but it’s not.  Once you begin, all of the barriers more or less take care of themselves.

Prepare Yourself for Positive Change

There are five main excuses why people don’t take care of their health.  To help prepare you for positive change, I’m going to obliterate those excuses from your consideration right from the start.

  • Maybe you think it’s too much work to eat right and take care of yourself.  In some ways, it is hard.  The companies that grow, process, package, and sell unhealthy food try to make it as easy as possible for you to just grab whatever shows up within your field of vision and pop it into your mouth.

    It always takes more effort to choose rather than passively accept whatever’s nearest at hand.

    But I’ll help you make it as easy as possible.  Once you get started, you’re not going to want to go back to your old ways.  In the long run, staying healthy is lots easier than the alternative.
  • Some people get confused by all the well-meaning health information that’s out there.  It seems that different experts contradict each other, and science has a new idea every month about which foods are healthy for you and which aren’t. 

    Fortunately, a consensus is emerging among nutrition experts about the main characteristics of a healthy diet.  I’ll share with you the major features of proper eating.  You won’t have to gyrate from one food plan to another based on the latest magazine article you’ve read.
  • Another excuse for not taking charge of your health is the idea that you have to be some sort of extremist health nut.  It’s true that compared to most people, your diet will seem “different” – after all, you’re going to be eating better than 98% of people in this country.

    Of course, that’s a pretty low standard to aspire to.  The American diet is so out of whack it’s crazy.  The way you’ll be eating will be right in line with the healthy diet patterns that have nurtured human life for tens of thousands of years.
  • Here’s another common excuse: that, in the end, a healthy diet makes only a marginal difference to your health.  After all, everyone has an Uncle Mort who smoked two packs a day and lived on a diet of bacon and scotch, yet lived to a ripe old age. 

    Congratulations to Uncle Mort.  But don’t resign yourself to fate.  The truth is that dietary factors have been proven to play a huge role in preventing major degenerative conditions:  heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and neurological deterioration.   Diet is much more important than a drugstore stocked with all the pills developed by modern pharmaceutical science.
  • Some people are afraid to change their diet without “checking with their doctor” first.

    By all means, if you have any question regarding your medical condition, you should absolutely keep in communication with your medical doctor to help maintain your health.

    But honestly, did you check with your doctor the last time you skipped breakfast in favor of a café latte?  Or before you ate a tuna salad with mayo on a hard roll for lunch?  Or washed down a burger and fries with a cola? 

    There’s nothing normal about the “normal” American diet.  Nothing.

    Soon you’re going to be eating a diet that is attuned to the inherent needs of your digestive tract and enzyme systems.  Your heart, brain, muscles, and all your other organs will be getting the nutritional building blocks they truly need.  Believe me, you’ll feel the difference.

Once you’ve eliminated these five barriers to improving your health, here are the three steps you’ll take:

Dr. Lavine’s Detox

Stage 1: Fresh Start

During the seven days of Stage 1 of Dr. Lavine’s Detox you’ll accomplish three goals:

  • You’ll stop feeding your body the toxic, unbalanced food it might be used to. 
  • You’ll begin to reverse the overwhelming tendency of Americans to eat too many pro-inflammatory foods.
  • You’ll improve the functioning of your digestive tract so you can extract the maximum nutrition from the foods you eat.

Once you’ve successfully achieved these Stage 1 goals, you’ll progress to the next stage.

Stage 2: Clean House

During Stage 2 of Dr. Lavine’s Detox you’ll:

  • Flush out some of the toxic chemicals that have been locked away in your tissues.
  • Wake up your liver so that it can break down these poisons. 
  • Stimulate your circulatory and digestive systems so they too can aid in the detoxification process.
  • Destroy harmful bacteria or parasites in your digestive tract
  • Stock up on anti-oxidants to protect your tissues from damage

After 10-20 days of Stage 2, your body will be thoroughly prepared for Stage 3.

"Before doing this detox, it hadn't occurred to me that I might have trouble digesting milk. I'd assumed the discomfort I felt after eating was par for the course - that everyone had it.

"This process gave me tremendous insight into the workings of my own body. I am healthier, more energetic, and slimmer as a result!" - Chantal K.

Stage 3: Restore, Rebuild, Revitalize

During Stage 3 of Dr. Lavine’s Detox, you’ll continue with your healthy eating.  Then you’ll add a group of supplements that will:

  • Keep your body’s tissues well-nourished and primed to maintain your good health
  • Rebuild a healthy community of beneficial organisms in your digestive tract
  • Maintain the health of your liver so it can continue doing its important metabolic jobs
  • Target your specific health weak spots so they’re less likely to give you problems long-term

"Dr. Lavine's Detox finally made me a believer that I can achieve a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet.  I feel better and am more motivated than ever."  - Matt P. 

Dr. Lavine’s Detox …

The Tools You’ll Need for a Successful Journey – All Included

  • A customized approach that addresses your unique needs
  • Dr. Lavine’s Detox, a 24 page reference to guide you through the detox to a future of improved health.  It includes meal planning and food shopping tips
  • The complete nutritional supplements and medical foods you’ll need for Stages 1 & 2 of the program
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail contact with Dr. Lavine to keep you on target throughout your detox
  • A 15% discount on additional supplements – based on your individual needs – for Stage 3 and beyond

Take these giant steps towards good health – all for only $455

As part of your purchase of Dr. Lavine’s Detox, please provide your shipping address so I can send you the supplements you need.  Also give me your e-mail address in case you have questions or if specific issues arise.

Ronald Lavine, D.C.