Back Pain? Never Do Sit-Ups, Curl-Ups or Crunches Again


The era of sit-ups, curl-ups or crunches is over.

You want to have strong abdominals. You hope they'll help relieve your back pain. You know that you need core strength to protect your back from harm and improve your posture. You want to look good too.

But for years and years you've been taught the exact wrong exercises to do for these important muscles.

Now, let Dr. Lavine show you the right way to strengthen your abs and the other muscles you need to protect your low back.

Download your FREE copy of Dr. Lavine's Top Five Exercises for Your Low Back. You'll be led through a series of five basic exercises to strengthen your stomach muscles, support your low back, maintain spine flexibility, and improve posture. They're probably the only exercises you ever need to do for your low back and abs - and what's more, you can complete them in under ten minutes.

You'll Have the Advantage of More Than 30 Years Experience

To create this exercise program, Dr. Lavine has gathered together all his expertise gained in over thirty years of helping people master their low back problems. You'll have the advantage of

  • His thorough education in human anatomy and kinesiology (that’s the science of movement) – with the depth you can only get in chiropractic school (going way beyond what the medical doctors ever learn)
  • His study of nearly every form of therapeutic movement invented, from Yoga to Pilates, Alexander Technique to Feldenkrais, the McKenzie Method to Gyrotonics, and everything in between
  • His background in ballet and modern dance – two of the most sophisticated systems of physical conditioning ever developed – and his teaching of workshops to dance students to help them avoid injury and improve their skill
  • His experience running training programs for fitness instructors in safe, effective exercise for the low back
  • Constant scouring of mountains of new research literature and keeping up with the latest exercise trends, and
  • His experience with thousands of low back pain patients to understand their needs deeply and gradually hone the most effective therapeutic approach

It's All for Free

Simply provide your e-mail address and you'll instantly receive a return e-mail with the free report attached. That way you'll be able to get started on your new abdominal exercise program right away. We'll also send further valuable information from time to time about other aspects of Dr. Lavine's multi-dimensional approach to the health of your low back - information you'll also be able to put to immediate use. Of course, if you're not finding these e-mails helpful, you can easily let us know and we'll stop sending them.

It's easy. Sign-up now and start exercising the right way.


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